Erfan Textile

About us:

We offer you a dreamful combination of co-operation of Erfan Textile and Turkish Microline to take in your home.

Erfan Textile started her business in 23 persian date Ordibehesht 1387 in the field of importing and distributing textile products used for furnitures in Delavaran Centeral Market.  As the time went on, getting the Microline sales license was in order of our duties.

Microline Company is stabilished in 1982 and is one of the veteran in the field of producing Furniture Textiles.

Having done the final neogotiations in July 2008, we finally got Microline's agency as Erfan Textile.

Erfan Textile was started out the first year with only 3 unique fabric design in Delavaran Market Center. Our lower price and higher quality combined with trustworthy of our company made Erfan Textile performance acceptable in the eys of Microline Company. This lead to a situation where todays, Microline dedicates a major of her products to Erfan Textile. Furthermore, we have expanded our sales from Yaft Abad Centeral Markets to a wide varity of locations and markets in Iran. Todays, we sales 31 unique fabric designs in 39 code colors and we have direct agencies in Esfahan, Oromieh and most important central markets in Iran.

We strive hard to offer our customers inspirative and unique designs that are not only modern but also in compliance to our country's culturs. This can not be done unless we hire ingenious managers, experts and consultants in addtion to high quality products that are being offered to our customers.

Erfan Textile Company with our motto: A Peace Afterwards a Dream, is looking for a way that not only sales can be a joyful and beneficial entertainment but also a satisfaction activity for our customers.